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Three Types Of Card Readers For Keyless Locks And The Levels Of Protection They Can Provide


Keyless locks have been used in hotels and motels as well as in secured industries for years. However, as technology advanced, different kinds of keyless locks and different subtypes have emerged. One type of keyless lock, the card reader type, has three subtypes of cards and card readers. Here are descriptions of those cards, the card readers and the levels of protection they can add to your business.

Magnetic Strip Card and Card Reader

This type of keyless entry is the simplest and easiest to use. (It is also the easiest to bypass if someone wants to break into a hotel room.) The card reader installed in the door handle has lock tumblers which will not release unless the magnetic strip on the card makes contact with the release inside. One major benefit to using this system is that lost magnetic strip cards are easily replaced because they are just cardboard or paper with a magnetic strip on the back.

Pinhole Card and "Reader"

A pinhole card is a plastic card that has several tiny holes punched out of it. When the card is inserted into the correct lock, it pushes some pins down while releasing others, which engages the tumblers and allows access into the room. These are more secure than the magnetic strip kind because each lock can only be opened by the matching pinhole cards. The downside is that, if customers lose the cards to their respective locks, the entire locking mechanism has to be replaced along with the cards.

Electronic Chip Card and Reader

This is some of the most advanced keyless entry technology. Every door card to every door has its own microchip embedded into the card. When the card is inserted into a lock, the chip activates the computerized card reader and causes the door to open.

Before each new use, the microchipped card is slipped through a card-reader-like device at the front desk or receptionist's desk. The microchip contains the information of the card user, doors the card is used to access, and when the card was last used before being returned. In this way, you can not only keep track of where customers, clients and employees are going, but also prevent the loss or theft of the cards by going back to the person that had a specific card last. The microchip collects vital data that may be of use in criminal investigations as well.

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3 May 2016