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Want To Make Replacement Car Keys? Where To Store Them For Emergencies


When it comes to stowing away keys, most people do it for their home. But, this does not mean that you should avoid taking any precautions for when you leave your car keys in the ignition or even lose them. Instead of just making a single replacement key to carry around just in case, you should make more than a few and then distribute them in various places to always have a solution for misplacing your keys.


Your backyard is a great place to hide your car keys, especially if it is completely fenced in. When trying to hide keys in the front yard, you have to worry about giving away your key's location. Also, the backyard is ripe with places to hide a set of car keys, such as under an inconspicuous planter or stone paver. It is easier to use the backyard as it allows you to reuse the same hiding spot with confidence. One genius idea suggests masking your key in a wind chime full of random keys, so only you know the right choice.


If you work in a place that allows you to have a space with your personal belongings, you should definitely put a car key there. If you are a little concerned about other people gaining access to the key, you can always lock it in a small, portable safe with a combination to keep others from getting inside.


Another reliable place to have a replacement key is with your family. It is best to choose family that is closest to your home or where you work to make it convenient for them to drop off an extra key. Also, you should leave keys with family members that you see the most as you may lose your keys with them.


If you have close enough friends that you would trust with a key to your car, then you should also provide them with a key. Once again, picking friends that you see often or live close to is the smartest choice.

In Your Home

Since these are car keys and not house keys that you are hiding, you do not have to worry about getting locked out of your home. This allows you to store an extra key in your home, which can certainly come in handy. This is much easier because you can just stick it in a safe or locked file cabinet for safe storage.

Backup keys only sound like an inconvenience until you actually need one. By using some or all of these recommendations, you can always have a replacement key just a few steps or minutes away. If you do get locked out or need to make a new key, visit a locksmith by Ottawa Key Shop.


4 May 2016