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3 Things To Consider Before Adding A Smart Lock To Your Home


Smart locks allow you to remotely lock and unlock your door. Smart locks also allow you to use a code to unlock your door instead of having to carry around a key. Smart locks can be a good solution for many homeowners. Here are a few things that you need to consider though before you upgrade to a smart lock.

#1 How Your Door Operates

First, you need to inspect your door and pay attention to how it operates. A smart lock is designed to turn your deadbolt all on its own in order to unlock it. This only works if your deadbolt is easy to turn.

If you need to push into your door or lift up on the handle in order to operate your deadbolt, a smart lock is not going to work unless you get your door fixed. If your bolt doesn't go all the way into the door jamb, that is also an issue that will need to be fixed. You need to have a door that operates smoothly in order to add a smart lock to that particular door.

#2 How the Lock Opens

Second, you need to consider how you want the lock to open. There are multiple types of smart locks. There are smart locks that require you to use an app on your phone to open up your door, which means that anyone who wants access to the door has to have a phone that is charged and they have to have the app on their phone.

Another way to open a smart lock is with a code. You may have to change the code via an online application or via the lock itself. The upside of having a code is that one doesn't need a charged phone to open your door. With a code, you are generally able to track when each code is used.

Many doors that require codes can also allow you to issue temporary codes. This can be helpful if you are having someone housesit or do some other type of task that requires limited access to your hone.

#3 How the Lock Connects to Other Smart Features

Smart locks are not the only smart feature you can attach to your home. If you use other smart features in your home, you are going to want to check and see how compatible they are with your smart lock. Certain locks are made to work with other smart systems, so if you have already upgraded other parts of your home, look for a lock that will work with the other smart gadgets that you already have around your home. If you don't have any other smart features but want to get some, think about what type of system you want a smart lock to be compatible with.

Before you just go and purchase a smart lock, make sure that your deadbolt on your door is able to operate smoothly. It needs to operate smoothly without any intervention from you if you want your smart lock to work properly. Also, be sure to consider the compatibility of the smart lock with other systems in your home and how you want to be able operate the lock before buying one. Then, contact a licensed locksmith to install the smart lock on your home. For more information, contact a local locksmith like Stephen K Migoley


29 August 2018