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Why Does Every School Need A Commercial Access Control Security System?


Security is an aspect that shouldn't be overlooked in any learning institution, be it a university campus or an elementary school. Though this might seem like something hard to achieve, it's as easy as investing in commercial access control security solutions. These are electronic systems designed to control access to a particular place. Discussed below are the reasons your school needs a commercial access control system.

Monitor the School From a Central Location  

Most learning institutions have several entry points, not to mention the offices, laboratories, and classrooms. With that in mind, it is easy to see how hard it can be to control access to the institution using keys and locks. Having a key for each entry point means you would always have to carry a bunch of keys.

Keeping an eye on all the doors is also impossible. Unless you are willing to hire a team of security guards, this might be an impractical option because you would spend a lot of money.

The good news is that control access systems offer a solution to these challenges. That's because they allow you to monitor the entire school from one location. This is quite convenient considering that you can only be in one location at any given time.

Lock Doors at the Press of a Button

In an emergency, your students and staff might need to lock themselves in the classrooms or offices. Under such circumstances, your employees might find themselves running in all directions as they try to lock the doors. The fact that some might try to check whether the students are okay can result in a lot of confusion. Should some rooms be unoccupied, there will be no one to lock them up, which can compromise search efforts in case of an intrusion.

This doesn't have to be the case because a commercial access control system can help you lock some doors and the entire school at a press of a button. Having such control means that an intruder won't have access to the classrooms or offices, keeping every student, employee, and asset safe.

Avoid the Use of Conventional Keys

As mentioned earlier, keys are bulky since you need one for each door. Keys are also duplicable, a drawback that puts everyone in your school at risk. What's more, you would have to replace the locks if the keys get lost.

Fortunately, access control systems use smart cards whose duplication is almost impossible. It's also easy to deactivate and replace a lost card without compromising security.

A commercial access control system is an excellent investment. Reach out to a locksmith or security company to learn more about commercial access control systems.


3 June 2021